The Ultimate Map to Zest: Trust

Trust that it’s possible

TRUST: What a loaded 5 letter word. You can find countless books on all of the meanings we have for this single, yet powerful word: trusting others, trusting the medicine to heal you, trusting your car will get you safely to work, trusting ourselves, trusting life…you get the point.

Many of us are told to just “trust the process”, but do we all really understand what that means. I recently came across a quote that stopped me in my tracks. Made me think about how I was interacting with my own life. This is what I read:

“ ‘Trust the process’ is a beautiful phrase to say, but are you living it? It is not until you are standing naked and vulnerable with all that you thought you knew stripped away, that you really are forced to practice, live, and breathe that profound level of trust.” – Connie Chapman

Stay focused

Sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? Well, I felt like puking when I read this during my lunch break at work. And if you get the “oh crap” feeling too, then I think we’re on to something. Do you complain that you’re bored, that you feel like you’re always going to the same places, doing the same things, wearing the same clothes, because ‘when’ you lose all that weight – you’re going to go shopping and look better. You’re running on autopilot. Not doing things for the first time anymore. Feeling blah. Then you get the bright idea to ‘shake things up’ and go for what you desire in order to uncover your zest. Sounds attractive, sounds exciting, and maybe this could be the moment that changes your life and steers you in the direction you’ve always longed for.

The adrenaline kicks in and you find courage that you never knew you had. You’re feeling like a bonafide bad-ass. “Look at me”, taking life by the horns and diving into the deep waters. So there you are, floating in the middle of this vast sea, thinking “what have I done?”. Nothing is familiar. Maybe you moved to a new city, transferred to a new school, decided to study abroad, started a business, got pregnant for the first time, left your stable job to take a pay cut and start a new career from zero, retired from your 35+ year home away from home…You my friend have been stripped of the identity that although you complained about it and couldn’t wait for it to change, was familiar and comfortable and you MISS it.

Read about my trust in change here.

From single and living in the big city…
To moving to the desert and starting a family

Let’s back up a bit, having something stripped from you can be passive or can be you touchstone for power. This is when the work starts. When you started with good intentions, but you have no idea what to expect as you’re nearing the next the next chapter in your life. You will get homesick, you will have second thoughts, you will miss the ‘old you’ at times and what you thought you knew about your life and what you wanted – but I promise you if you have a little trust each day, life will begin to unfold and blossom in ways you never thought possible. Embrace what you don’t know and in engage in your life. You are here now. Your life in the past is behind you and your future has not yet arrived.

Trust that your thoughts, beliefs, and actions  have purpose and will further paddle you to shore.


Let go of your urge to control and have a little trust.

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Map to Zest: Trust

  1. Trust is so important. In relationships and in life!
    Sometimes, it’s indeed an exercise. We are always told to live in fear that we don’t “trust” others. But trust is a two-way road. One must give first.
    Lovely post!

    1. Agreed Debbie! Often times we must let go of the uncontrollable in order to discover our “tru zest”. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks for checking back on our posts Brad! I know what you mean by that…Tomorrow is always a new day 🙂

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