Entrepreneurs Have Two Common Threads

As entrepreneurs, the path to success can be daunting. The best way to navigate this unfamiliar terrain is to study the success of others. Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, can build their work in a variety of industries – the differences are many. Yet, if you look close enough, they all have two common denominators that help shape the trajectory of their careers: discipline and community.

We are excited to share with you the story of a top podcaster and how the power of morning rituals has impacted his success in finding his zest. Another common thread you will find among the movers and shakers of business is that they surround themselves with a group of like-minded individuals. Philip took it a step further and created YIELD Mastermind.

Philip Randazzo is the Co-Founder of the YIELD (Young, Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Leadership and Direction) Mastermind and the Host/Producer of the iTunes Top 10 Rated Podcast: YIELD Mastermind Talks, which has reached 50 countries and counting. He is the author of three books: “Rocket Fuel”, “Free Range Revolution”, and “Beating the Freshman 15”.




Brilliance in Numbers

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Philip was exposed to the power of self-learning and personal development at a very young age. In fact, his father is part of 10+ mastermind groups (no joke). Philip was able to witness first-hand the benefits of connecting and sharing ideas within these groups. Philip, along with his best friend, JT Burns, saw a scarcity in mastermind groups for young leaders and millennials, so they decided to start their own. Through word of mouth and laudatory feedback, the YIELD Mastermind group quickly gained traction and continues to grow in numbers.

The mastermind group serves many purposes: accountability, surrounding yourself with like-minded people, goal-setting, openness to dive deeper into ideas, and the trust and support found in relationships. The idea is that two minds are always stronger, better, more efficient, etc., than one mind; and three is better than two…so on and so forth. Philip has found that creating an environment where people can be themselves, ask questions, and get vulnerable is the fuel individuals need when tackling the world of entrepreneurship. There is no limit to the amount of growth that can happen.

YIELD Mastermind cofounders Philip and JT circa 1996.
YIELD Mastermind Co-Founders Philip and JT circa 1996.

Power Hour

We have all heard the importance of keeping a morning ritual. This practice can appear simple, but do not confuse that with easy. Philip identifies his everyday zest first thing in the morning. His mapped out routine has propelled him to where he is today.

Philip begins each morning by reflecting and writing in his Five Minute Journal. The journal is pretty straightforward, it consists of writing down three things you are grateful for, three exciting things that will happen that day, followed up with some affirmations (like who you know yourself to be or who you want to be – and stating it as if it is already true).

Philip then makes himself some Bulletproof Coffee. He also has been integrating guided meditation into his morning routine. A book that really gave him the push to harness the power of daily ritual is “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod – which gives practical tips on how to have a great start to your day.

The impact of starting each day with gratitude and intention has been tremendous for Philip. It has helped bring clarity, focus, and renewed energy to his work and he finds it to be an invaluable tool for his dad-to-day business. Feeling curious about how a focused morning can influence the direction of your life and career? Challenge yourself! Create a routine that works for you and try it out for 21 days. We all know that it takes 21 days to form a habit 😉

For more information on Philip’s mastermind group, visit: www.YieldMastermind.com – where you will find convenient access to their resources, as their group is conducted entirely online. Be sure to also check out their hugely successful book, “Rocket Fuel 101”, where you will find everything Philip and his team did to start and operate their group.

Give a listen to their latest podcast, that features yours truly – TruZest:


What is your everyday zest?

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