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I have always loved a good presentation. The details. The message. The style. Whether it’s a formal event or a casual dinner with friends at home, the opportunity for setting the tone starts with the invitation.

If you have ever gone through the process of sending out invitations for an important event, you can find yourself inundated with variables: how many invitations to order, what if there are last minute changes to the guest list, the design styles can be stuffy and limited, mail can get lost – you get the idea. And what if you’re in the mood for an impromptu get together that doesn’t call for a formal invite, but sending out a mass text feels a little uninspired?

Say hello to my stylish, fun, and easy to use go-to for invites: Paperless Post

I was introduced to Paperless Post a few years ago when I received an invite to a friend’s holiday party. In the body of the email was the image of an envelope with my name on it. Once I clicked on the envelope, the seal opened showing details of interior design with an eye-catching invite that looked exactly like a fine ‘print’ card, only it was digital. The RSVP process was instant with the option of sending a message directly to the sender. It was beautiful and seamless from start to finish, and perfect timing as I decided to use the platform for my friend’s upcoming bachelorette party I was hosting as maid of honor. It was so easy to add to the guest list, track RSVP’s, and most importantly – create a personalized design that I knew my friend, the bride-to-be, would absolutely love.

Here are the two reactions I hear every time I use this online service – literally, every time:

  1. Oh, I love Paperless Post!
  2. What did you use for your invites?

So, when I was approached to write about my experience, I was excited to share all the tools and card designs I have become familiar with. I was unaware of a new and FREE feature now offered through the site: Flyers! We’ll cover the flyers later in the post. First, here’s what you need to know about the more ‘classic’ cards I mentioned earlier.

Paperless Post has an invitation for every occasion – from Save the Dates, Kid’s Birthdays, Baby Shower Invitations, Adult Invitations, Weddings, Professional Events, Holiday Celebrations, basically any gathering you can think of. If you scroll through their many categories, you will see hundreds of design options.

While the styles are endless, you have creative control with the color, card shape, and can even take the design process a step further by fully customizing your invite. Pick the size and format that’s right for you, upload your own design with a photo, select your typeface, type color, craft your personal message, with the option for a double-sided design. Add a shimmery finish to complete your presentation with a foil trim in gold, silver, or rose gold. If you find that you need any help with resizing or designing your fie, the design services team are available for immediate assistance.

See how easy it was for me to create a customer design. WATCH THIS VIDEO

If you’re not the creative type and would rather have the pros do it for you, you can’t wrong with the Designer Collection. Partner with world renowned designers/brands and independent stationers for a look that is stunning as it is distinctive. You probably already recognize some of the designers 🙂 Anthropologie, Kate Spade New York, Oscar de la Renta, Rifle Paper Co., Sesame Street…the list is robust.

When going with a ‘Card’ invite, you will have access to the more traditional stationary designs and advanced follow-up tools of personalized email delivery, RSVP tracking, and guest messaging.

The second option for creating an invite is Flyer. Flyer is Paperless Posts’ newest invite collection that you can send to your guests via text, personal email, and messaging apps – using basic RSVP tracking. Choose your vibe, add stickers and GIFs, and send a dynamic stylized invite for free. Why is this so cool? See here for the full effect in this VIDEO .

The best part about Paperless Post is it helps you celebrate the important moments in your life with the people that matter most. Go to Paperless Post to easily sign-up and get started!



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