8 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we have the ultimate gift list for that special father figure in your life. We’ve connected with some of the coolest privately owned businesses, and we’re excited to share with you their amazing products, along with some fun ideas for a Sunday outing. Enjoy!

1. SPINE: www.spinewallet.com

Created with state-of-the art Titanium – SPINE is the thinnest, lightest, and most durable wallet you can find for Dad. Not only does this wallet hold your cards and cash, but it can also function as a bottle opener. Yeah, my mouth fell open too… pretty awesome, I know. SPINE offers a variety of sleek designs, which can be ordered online and shipped directly to you.

Use promo code: ‘DAD’ and get $5 off your order.


DamascusOpenerSide_grande2. STATE FORTY EIGHT: www.statefortyeight.com

“Arizona Passion Meets Arizona Fashion”. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the natural landscapes found in AZ – State Forty Eight brings you apparel, accessories, and prints for all you stylish dads. The good news is that while you’re shopping for Dad, you’ll also find must-have designs for women and kids. Two words: win – win. We like to make things easy for you.

Use promo code: ‘TRUZEST’ and get 20% off your order.

Photo Credit to Gabriel Contrerasstate1fatherstate2

3. MAN CRATES: www.mancrates.com

Don’t even think about buying those socks or cologne for Father’s Day. Give him what dads want: guy stuff…in a wooden crate…that you have to open with crowbar. Boom. Gift of the year. Add the “duct tape” wrap option for extra entertainment. After Dad breaks a sweat opening his present, he’ll be amazed with all the awesome manly surprises. Tears of joy will be shed.

Free ground shipping for the special holiday. You’re welcome!


4. AZ BEARDS: www.azbeards.com

This one is a no brainer for the men with glorious beards. Help Dad grow/maintain his beloved beard with all natural oils and butters that are easily absorbed into your hair and face, without that greasy feeling. Each natural essential oil has been carefully selected for their beneficial properties and appealing scent. Check out their latest product: Swashbuckler Lotion, which has been released just in time for Father’s Day. Let the beard grow!

Use promo code: ‘TRUZEST’ and get 25% off any order. Can’t beat it!az2beardslaundry

5. KRUCIAL: www.krucialclothing.com

For the Dad with a creative flair and appreciation for streetwear, Krucial Clothing is the company to check out. Their “Take Flight and Dream On” inspired products include: headwear, tees, tanks, and branded stickers. Help Dad stand out on his favorite day; this apparel is krucial. More importantly, Dad will instantly turn into “Cool Dad” the minute he rocks on of these hand-designed tees.

Use promo code: ‘TRUDAD’ and get 15% off Dad Hats. They’re perfect.


6. BBQ: http://www.barbecuebible.com/recipes/

Father’s Day isn’t complete until you cook up some finger-licking  backyard BBQ.  You can’t go wrong with surprising dad with some barbecue chicken on the grill or some authentic pulled pork– this stuff is the real deal.  Stay posted for our soon-to-be launched 4th of July specialty recipes created by an incredible Dad himself. 

7. GOLF: http://www.mcdowellmountaingc.com

Golfing is the perfect mini getaway if you are looking to spend some quality time with Dad. Our recommendation in Phoenix, Arizona is McDowell Mountain Golf Club. They have live music every Sunday to hype things up a bit. Before you head out, be sure to throw together a little breakfast for Dad. But be careful he doesn’t beat your ass  in golf, after getting a spike of energy from those carbs. 😉

8. LOCAL BREWERY: http://ohsobrewery.com/home.html

Because Dad could always use a brew or two (or 6). Be sure to hit up the local breweries in your area to have some ‘fun time’ with Dad. He won’t turn it down, we promise! If you are in the Phoenix area, O.H.S.O. is a must try. This dog-friendly, restaurant/nano-brewery  has over 40 beers on tap. It’s a trendy local hot spot. And if that didn’t already sell you, well, then you’re just a bore. Okay, just kidding- check out The Phoenix Ale Brewery as well.


After all, father figures are very important parts of our lives, and the least we can do is show a little appreciation toward them. Don’t forget to remind Dad how much he means to you this Father’s Day. Remember without him, you wouldn’t be here. And without you, how would we ever spread the zest?

Cheers to all the amazing dads, grandpas, and father figures who help make a difference in their childens’ lives. You demonstrate how real men should act and how ladies should be treated.

Wishing you all a Happy Father’s Day!

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